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Best Electrical Tool Belt: Top 6 on the market

August 26, 2022

There's nothing more annoying than a flimsy, uncomfortable tool belt. A good quality tool belt will have enough pockets to store your tools and be durable and comfortable during a long day's work. 

So to help you separate the good from the bad - we've reviewed the top 6 electrician's tool belts on the market.

Buy with confidence and you'll get one of the best tool belts on the market.


Best electrician's tool belt


Gatorback Tool Belt - Best Overall

If you're looking for a great electrician's tool belt, the Gatorback B240 belt is the perfect choice for you. With 29 pockets with personalized hammer holsters and tape clips, it conveniently stores all the tools you need for any given situation, while still offering a reasonable price point that won't break the bank!

To enhance the durability of this belt, the Gatorback includes rivets and socket knot stitching along the stress points. This reinforced design makes the Gatorback the best of the nylon belts - it's as strong as a leather belt and affordable for those who can't afford it.

This belt is available in six different sizes - from small (26"-30") to 3 XL (50″55″). That means you get a perfect fit every time! What's the best thing about these belts? They look great with any outfit, but they also look great with your adventurous lifestyle because they won't break down or wear out over time like other fabric products.

Made from durable nylon, the belts are both attractive and lightweight. The thick, padded interior provides back support and comfort when carrying heavy tools. The designers did a great job of keeping it just the right thickness so it's not too bulky, but still strong enough to hold up for a long time without breaking - perfect if you don't want to worry about lugging around replacement parts!

The Gatorback has a patented air channel design, so you end up with an extremely comfortable and breathable experience. The padding on the back of the belt is designed with channels - this reduces the amount of sweat that builds up there during long hours or when working in the summer heat. All things considered, the Gatorback tool bag does offer excellent value for those looking for a quality tool belt at a low price!



  • Comes with a 1-year defect-free warranty
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories
  • Very comfortable
  • Patented air channel design for increased wear resistance
  • Nice big bag



  • Nylon does not age like leather



Western leather tool belt - a quality choice

Comfortable. Convenient. High quality - that's Western Leather Tool Belt in 3 words (and a hyphen). This tool belt offers plenty of storage space and it's not only light but comfortable! The belt has an adjustable shoulder strap to suit wearers of all sizes, from small to 3x large; it's easy to find your perfect fit with this one.

There are over 30 pouches to hold everything you need to work hard in the field or on some construction job, and even if you lose them, they're still safe in their respective compartments until they're retrieved again by someone who likes to use this functional part!

The tool belt has special compartments designed to hold all the best electrician's tools such as multimeters, insulated screwdrivers and electrical pliers.

These are very handy as they make each tool fit perfectly, holding them in place as you move around. The belt itself is made from quality leather, looks great, feels great and is made in the USA!

If you're looking for a tool belt that's built to last, then this is it. It's made from quality materials and the craftsmanship proves its worth from every stitch to every buckle.

That said, while it's not cheap per se (it's more expensive than other cheaper models), I can assure you that there are many reasons why this belt lives up to what others call an "investment".



  • Made in the USA
  • 6 different sizes - small to XXX-large
  • Lots of storage - 30 different compartments
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Heavy-duty, high-quality leather construction



  • Not the cheapest on the market
  • No special tape measure holder


DEWALT tool belt - great value for money

For those who want to get the most out of their electrician's tool belt, this touch pouch from Dewalt is one of our top picks. With a total of 20 pockets and a 3" deep design to hold almost everything you need on the Jobsite (in varying sizes), it's easy to see why we'd recommend this work belt with a sling!

If you're someone who prefers wearing a sling to any other type of belt or carrying system - then just take a look at these tools - they're designed for you.

Dewalt Tool Pouch - You don't have to be a professional contractor, carpenter or electrician to carry these tool pouches from Dewalt. The company has built this durable and reliable product for the average person!

This belt has a padded interior so you can stay comfortable throughout your workday, while its lined pockets are designed to hold more supplies than any other belt on the market.

With an affordable price point and long-lasting durability, it won't take much convincing before people start asking if they can do it themselves.



  • Adjustable from 29" to 46"
  • Stacks of storage pockets
  • Comes with a padded sling
  • Fantastic low price



  • Takes some time to break in
  • Plastic with connectors


Dickies tool belt

Dickies Work Gear's four-piece tool belt is a belt with many small pockets. The canvas material isn't very durable and the work belt only has seven large pockets, making it more difficult to find things in an emergency.

Dickies Work Gear's four-piece tool belt may be suitable for light work, but not for heavy work that requires you to carry everything at once, as it has a small number of large pocket slots, durability issues with the fabric choice (canvas) and a lack of organizational features such as dividers or loops.

This kit is a complete waste of money. It doesn't have suspenders, which also means they keep slipping off as there is no chest hold on these belts at all!

The only redeeming feature of this work belt compared to other brands is its affordable price tag, but rest assured - if you want something worth your time and effort, it's best to spend more than that on the Dewalt DG5641.



  • Steel buckle
  • Low price



  • Only seven pockets
  • The bag and sling keep slipping off
  • Canvas construction is not durable


CLC custom leather crafted tool belt

The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 is more affordable than the Dewalt belt we reviewed previously, but unfortunately, it doesn't offer as much value for money. While cutting around $20 from the price makes it a tempting option, you will find that this work belt suffers in certain key areas that will cause you to waste time and effort. Let me tell you all about these features so I can help ensure you don't end up wasting your hard-earned cash!

There's plenty of room on this belt for all the tools you need to get the job done, and it's durable enough that they'll hold up as long as you don't tear through any bags with pliers or similar. It is also very comfortable as I had no problems when putting heavy tools to one side and pulling them tightly around my back.

However, this electrician's work strap is short, but in terms of durability this could be an issue if you intend to use it extensively, but at least it's still worth a try!



  • Easy to hold bag with carrying handle
  • 28 pockets
  • Very low price



  • Poor durability
  • The sling could be a little stronger


TradeGear tool belt

TradeGear's work belt is a solid choice for those who want to have all their tools ready. With 27 pockets and padding as well as an interior, this product excels in some areas but is slightly less expensive.

Considering that many competitors offer more for what you pay, the trade-off doesn't seem worth it, so consider your options before investing!

The TradeGear tool belt made by Gatorback is a durable and reliable product. It comes with an adjustable nylon strap to ensure the belt fits perfectly around your waist every time you wear it.

The unique design of this model means there's no need to worry about rips or tears during use - a common problem with many belts on the market! If durability is not important, then consider an alternative such as the less expensive Gatorback B240.



  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent nylon construction
  • 27 spacious pockets



  • The tape rack could be a bit bigger
  • A bit too expensive


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