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99 Incredible Tools Every DIYer Should Know

April 06, 2023

With the help of these innovative tools, becoming a DIYer has never been easier (or more fun!).


99 Incredible Tools 


1. DeWalt Brushless Cordless Blower


Featuring a variable trigger and speed lock, this blower includes a lithium-ion battery and charger, and a brushless motor for maximum efficiency and durability.


One Amazon reviewer said, "I love having a cordless blower so I can walk around our house without worrying about cords." "I like the speed control on this blower ...... is very responsive and I like the ability to blow debris away from sensitive areas like flower beds with just a touch of the trigger, without blowing dust everywhere with too much air.


"The large blowpipe is nice because it emits a large, wide column of air at up to 90 MPH - which is plenty unless I'm blowing off a lot of leaves in the spring or fall, which requires a large Stihl backpack blower. I also really like the stand, which allows me to put the blower down and have it upright and ready to pick up again." Save money and reduce back strain by renting a dynamic boom lift, trencher, electric back hole digger, stump grinder, brushcutter and other large tools that can solve big problems.


Buy now on Amazon.


2. Drain Cleaner


This Drain King Drain Cleaner from GT Water Products is my go-to tool for removing stubborn clogs. When a drain in the basement, bathroom or kitchen is clogged and the homeowner can't get the clog out, I attach this tool to a garden hose, feed it into the drain and turn on the faucet.


Here's how it works: The airbag expands and wedges into the pipe, and its patented dispersion valve vibrates the pipe as it jets the water to safely remove the clog without chemicals. - Jonh Wood, Plumber at ProMech


Available in multiple sizes on Amazon.


3. EGO 56V 3,000 Watt Nexus Portable Power Station


This battery-powered generator has all the power of a traditional gas generator and then some, minus the fumes and noise of a traditional generator. This Ego 56-volt, 3,000-watt Nexus Portable Power Station is perfect for tailgating or if you need to take something with you just in case. the EGO Nexus Power Station will power a TV, microwave and full-size refrigerator. Plus, it's perfect for any camping trip. The LED display will show you the remaining runtime when you power it from the four USB ports or the three 120-volt AC outlets. It comes with two EGO POWER+ ARC 6.5 Ah lithium batteries and can charge up to four EGO batteries. If you're looking for the perfect camping gadget, check out the coolest camping tools on Amazon.


4. Unger 2-in-1 Professional Suction Skimmer and Window Wiper


This 2-in-1 window cleaning tool has an absorbent skimmer on one side and a brush on the other for quick window cleaning. 14-inch rubberized absorbent skimmer blades can also be attached to a telescoping pole (not included in the scope of supply) for extended reach.


Amazon reviewers spoke highly of the tool. "Excellent little device. The soft microfiber section holds the water solution and gently cleans the window," said one reviewer. "Then the rubber washes the water away, leaving the glass free. The best part is that the handle is comfortable to hold, and it has a thread to attach a longer shaft to reach higher windows." This is the way to get a streak-free window every time.


Buy it on Amazon now.


5. Ritchie 16 gal. Wet/Dry Vacuum


For the toughest cleanup tasks, this wet/dry vacuum is the answer! This high-performance machine offers incredible suction power, high capacity, rugged construction, and excellent mobility. It includes a removable accessory storage bag for easy cleaning of the drum, two wands, a utility nozzle, a car nozzle, a wet nozzle, a crevice tool and a diffuser. Originally $159, The Home Depot has it on sale for $99! Here's what you need to know about emptying your toilet tank with a wet/dry vacuum.


Buy now on Amazon.


6. The Carpenter's Pencil that's more like a fountain pen


Legend has it that carpenters invented the classic rectangular pencil so that carpenters would have a marking tool that wouldn't roll off the roof (for others, use a roof bench). These pencils may stay in place, but sharpening them is an art, they leave a wide mark when they get dull, and they are not up to the task of marking dark woods and metals. Enter Fatboy.


The FatBoy pencil looks and feels like a thick fountain pen. It comes with three leads: a regular lead for marking balsa wood and a white talc "lead" for marking concrete. The interchangeable leads can be switched or advanced by pushing the end cap. The same end caps include an eraser and pencil sharpener (although you can also use a standard pencil sharpener). We liked them so much that we fired the old pencils and hired these guys.


FatBoy pencils come with extra lead cores and can be purchased online and at the Family Center for about $16. To find more information, visit fastcap.com.


Buy this product on Amazon now.


7. Staple gun for frame connectors


If you are still nailing or screwing joist hangers, rafter hurricane clips, or any other metal connectors to wood, consider purchasing a metal connector nail gun. One of these will save you hours of laborious screwing or hand nailing (and smashed fingers!) The Bostitch StrapShot 250 is a great choice. Its compact size allows you to shoot nails into locations that most other connector nail guns cannot. With this design, you insert the actual nail tip into the connector opening and pull the trigger - a foolproof system. The StrapShot 250 can fire both 1-1/2-in. and 2-1/2-in. nails, but if you use only 1-1/2-in. nails, save a few dollars and get the StrapShot 150. find the StrapShot 250 and 150 on Amazon for $300 and $200, respectively. click here to find this nailer-led item.


8. Magnetic Tool Holder


Use magnets to hold heavy-duty tools in place. This pack of four magnetic strips helps store items like hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers where they belong in the shop. These 15 DIY magnetic strip tips will help you stay organized.


Buy now on Amazon.


9. Bell-Grylls Igniter


This small, compact fire starter features a waterproof construction that keeps fires safe and dry, so the DIYer in your life knows it will work when needed. How do we know? It's been tested to ensure a spark in 8,000+ impacts! Here's how to make a wine cork fire starter


Get it on Amazon now.


10. Space-saving hoses


Garden hoses used to be a hassle to carry around and store on my farm. the GrowGreen hose solves both problems. Thanks to the lightweight material, the hose expands with water pressure and retracts when empty. A 25-ft. hose retracts to less than 10 feet in length. When the job was done, I squirted water out of them and dropped them into a bucket.


Buy now on Amazon.


11. A convenient way to grab the handle


Removing the hammer from the standard tool belt loop requires three small movements: grab the head, flick it upward and (hopefully) grab the handle - then start swinging. I've done this so many times that I don't think twice about doing it. That's why when I saw the Prazi QuickDraw holster, I didn't immediately see the advantage of it.

Then I started fiddling with it - and grew to love it. It's never going to replace my tool belt, but it has many other uses. You can hang it on your belt or pocket. When I'm working on my knees, it makes grabbing and putting away the hammer much easier. For ladder work, it provides a reliable way to pack my hammers. I also like that it holds a nail gun to install insulation and tar paper. The angle of the holster and the pressure of the metal clip can be easily adjusted to accommodate different tools, and it only takes a minute to convert to left-handed use. - Spike Carlson


Buy now on Amazon.


12. Comfortable dust mask


Standard masks can be uncomfortable when worn for a long time. They tend to sweat, so I end up taking them off - if they're not on your face, they definitely don't work. the RZ dust mask is made of lightweight mesh fabric and comes with a pair of straps to comfortably hold it in place. Under the mask is a replaceable filter. A vent valve lets you exhale rather than exhale upward, so it won't fog up your goggles. --Timma ship Hannah. 

Get this mask.  


13. 2-in-1 impact sleeve


Save time and space in your tool bag with this 2-in-1 impact sleeve. Able to switch between different sizes of nuts and bolts in a completely hands-free manner, it's an effective addition to your workshop. There are three different models covering eight different head sizes to choose from. Check out these top automotive machine tools.


Buy now on Amazon.


14. You need this magnetic stud finder! '


I need a stud finder about once a year ...... That's how long the battery lasts in my electronic stud finder. So I keep this handy little tool in the bottom of my toolbox to find studs the old-fashioned way - magnetically. You run the little guy through the wall in a zigzag pattern, and when it detects the metal screw or nail that holds the plasterboard to the column, the little red tongue wiggles. It seems a bit fortuitous, but finding a stud never takes more than 15 seconds. Johnson Level's Stud Finder Plus (about $4) is available at most hardware stores and home centers.


Buy this excellent tool today.


15. duel painter's tool


I love my 5-in-1 painter's tool. It's a putty knife, roller cleaner, squeegee, chisel and pick all in one. When I finally wore it out to buy a new one, I found even more versatile tools. the Purdy 10-in-1 Folding Multi-Tool ($12) features a folding knife design. In the open position, it will clean rollers, apply compounds, scrape off old paint and putty, cut tape and cardboard, and even open beer and soda bottles. In the closed position, it will drive pop-up drywall nails under the surface, open cans and drive slotted screws used to open and close board covers.


Buy Purdy 10-in-1 Folding Multi-Tool on Amazon


I also found the Red Devil 19-in-1 Painter's Tool ($10). It does everything the Purdy knife does, and there are five screwdriver tips hidden in the handle and cutouts in the blade for four sizes of nuts and bolts. Find both tools at hardware stores and home centers. - Spike Carlson


Buy Red Devil 19-in-1 Painter's Tool on Amazon


16. Industrial Shelving


DeWalt offers this industrial storage rack with a patented shelving system designed for heavy-duty use. These shelves cost less than $200 and are built to last. 


Buy now on Amazon.


17. Pocket Hole Clamps for Large Projects


We love Kreg pocket hole jigs because they make furniture and joinery projects quick and easy. But sometimes we build projects with thicker 2-inch lumber, which requires larger screws.


Kreg now offers a pocket hole jig made specifically for 1-1/2 in. or thicker lumber called Kreg Jig HD (HD = Heavy Duty). Combined with Kreg's larger HD screws, it is ideal for building larger projects such as workbenches and outdoor furniture. kreg also manufactures weatherproof screws (sold separately). The jig includes a drill bit and a square-head drill bit and costs about $60.


Get one today at Amazon.


18. Gilmour Round Sprinkler with Spiked Base


I'm not a big fan of yard work, especially watering the grass and garden. So I make it a point to use easier watering tools - and Gilmour has come out with two watering tools that do just that. The round sprinkler with pointed base (No. 3203) has all the features you want and need, and is designed to be intuitive to use. You can adjust the spray pattern or pull up the top for full circle watering by simply sliding the collar. It has a simple lever for adjusting spray distance and an on/off switch to minimize the back and forth travel to the faucet. Two sprinklers can be connected in series. - Spike Carlsen, Contributing Editor


Buy one at Amazon today.


19. FastCap Scribing Tool


For the perfectionist DIY enthusiast, this tool is perfect for scribing trim, architectural molding, worktops, tile and flooring.

Scribing is one of the key techniques for the successful installation of cabinets, countertops and built-in woodwork. Learn how to perfectly scribe odd shapes and wavy walls.


Get it now.


20. Rototiller


This heavy-duty rototiller stands 38 inches tall with a treadle that provides plenty of leverage when pounding into hard, compacted soil. Use the split tiller to mix fertilizer or other amendments in hard-to-reach areas when preparing vegetable garden soil for spring planting. Use these humane deterrents to keep pests out.


Buy now on Amazon.


21. Air Spacer Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool


This inflatable shim has a variety of uses, from holding windows in place by itself while installing permanent shims to supporting door panels, aligning base cabinets or leveling equipment during installation. The air shims are easy to pump and can hold up to 300 pounds. Here's how to fill a gap door.


Buy now at Amazon.


22. Nailboard Organizer


The pegboard organizer is a great alternative to a toolbox if you want to keep your tools within reach. Perfect for the workshop, garage or basement, this heavy-duty wall organizer is easy to install and includes mounting hardware. Here's how to organize almost anything using a pegboard.


Buy it on Amazon now.


23. Wet Vacuum Saver


Wet vacuums can clean up messes quickly, but dealing with them can mean hauling around gallons of liquid. The Quick Connect pump accessory for Ridgid wet/dry vacuums lets you swap the heavy lifting for a flick of a switch.


You simply connect the pump to the vacuum's drain port, attach a garden hose to the pump, and send the contents outside or to the drain. Turn the pump on and observe it evacuates the vacuum. A quick connect pump fits into a standard size discharge port, but check your vacuum to make sure it fits. If you have a wet vacuum, you'll need one of these!


Buy now.


24. Expensive caulking gun - worth every penny


It's hard to appreciate the value of a good caulking gun until you've tried one. This Albion B12 is the best I've ever used. The sturdy trigger means less hand pressure with a stubborn adhesive and provides excellent flow control for neat beads. Since this tool is built like a tank, I expect it to outlast me. Some builders also like the swivel mount. But I couldn't avoid turning it upside down, which made the caulk tube fall out. No problem: I just used glue to lock the swivel mechanism in place. --Gary Wentz.


Order now.


25. The best trolley around for the back


The first time I used a gasoline-powered wheelbarrow, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was in heaven shaking like crazy and my ears were buzzing, but at least my back didn't hurt me to death. However, the Greenworks G-MAX 40V Self-Powered Solo Trolley offers the best of both worlds - it gets your stuff where it needs to go, and does it quietly and easily. Dual 10 in. pneumatic front wheels provide propulsion, while the rear wheels take care of the steering.


It can tow up to 220 lbs. while handling tilts of up to 20 degrees. Nearly 4 cu. ft. The pallet is roomy enough to haul dozens of tools, many bags of mulch or a hug of branches and weeds. It tilts with the squeeze of the lever and the lift of the handle. It has "turtle" and "hare" speeds as well as forward and reverses. The throttle is a motorcycle-style twist grip. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts up to 45 minutes between charges.


Two minor quirks: You can't disconnect the drive system and push it like a regular stroller, and you need to hit the "safety switch" every time you start it. Both are easily forgiven once you're effortlessly hauling four bags of mulch up a hill. the G-MAX 40V stroller is available online and at some home centers.


Buy this motorized stroller on Amazon today.


26. a cool idea


DIY hobbyists and NFL halfbacks have one thing in common (hint - it's not a paycheck): bad knees. We spend time on our knees laying tile, wood floors and deck pavers. We get down on our knees to install electrical outlets and baseboard molding. We bend over to paint floors and doors. After a while, all of this took its toll. That's why I jumped at the chance to try out KneeBlades, essentially a pair of three-wheeled knee pads. They allow you to slide over hard surfaces as you work, which means less standing, walking over, and then kneeling again to cut, install, or pick things up. I tried them when installing laminate flooring and loved being able to quickly move to the miter saw to make a cut and then quickly return to install a section. Even better, with the click of a button you can forgo the three-wheeled platform and use only high-quality knee pads. Of course, they are a bit heavy and inconvenient when you do need to walk around. Some people might tell you that you look like a character from a Transformers movie. But if you want to protect your knees, buy a pair for $60 at milescraft.com.


Get some KneeBlades on Amazon today.


27. Sturdy accessories


For driving or drilling in the tightest of spaces, right angle attachments are a lifesaver. milescraft Drive90PLUS is my favorite because it's sturdy enough to use with my impact driver. This makes driving screws much easier. Other right angle attachments are only rated at 250 in.-lbs, while this attachment can handle loads up to 1,500 in.-lbs. - Jeremiah James.


Buy on Amazon.


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