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7 Tips to Help You Grow as a Professional Electrician | Knoweasy Tool

January 04, 2022

Electrical contractors who want to grow in their professional business need a growth strategy. In addition, professional or business growth is a lifetime journey. Don't rely on organic growth without a plan. Here are some practical tips that can help.

Invest in customer service and satisfaction

Many electricians gain substantial business from referrals. However, you can only get referrals from satisfied customers. Invest in rewarding customer service and engagement. Here are some helpful tips.

  • Listen to your customers
  • Put the customer first whenever possible
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with your customers
  • Follow up on your customer's satisfaction with your service
Make quality customer service a core attribute, not an afterthought

Participate in ongoing training

The electrical industry is broad and ever-changing. Get ongoing education to help you maintain or improve your standards. The following are some of the specific benefits of ongoing electrical training.

  • Continuing education can help you improve your skills and expand your electrical knowledge.
  • Many jurisdictions require electricians to undergo ongoing training to maintain their licenses.
  • Ongoing training keeps you informed of new trends in the electrical industry.
  • Ongoing training keeps you familiar with electrical code updates.
Ongoing training is offered for different skill sets. Look for a comprehensive training package that provides you with as many of these skills as possible.

Foster relationships with different industry participants

A practicing electrician will meet and interact with a variety of people. You will meet.

  • Material suppliers
  • Tool and equipment suppliers
  • Potential customers
Build relationships with all of these people. For example, ongoing relationships with material suppliers and vendors may help you get discounts in the future. You should also consider anyone as a potential customer - you never know when they might need your services.

Invest in equipment and tools

A typical electrician needs dozens of tools on the job. The right tools and equipment.

  • Help with job safety
  • Shorten project completion time
  • Prove you're ready for your customers
For example, if you're struggling to pull wires through a hidden passageway, a wireless camera will help you check for hard-to-reach areas. Choose your tools and equipment carefully, maintain them properly, and replace them when necessary.

Practice Safety First

Electrical accidents can lead to fires, equipment damage, and electrocution. Practice the safety-first mantra on all your projects. Don't forget that your work determines the safety of your customers even long after you are gone.

For example, a client on a budget may suggest cost-cutting shortcuts. Communicate the dangers of such shortcuts to such customers and insist on proper installation. For example, using indoor cables for outdoor wiring could be disastrous if it rains.

Expand your service offerings

Another tip is to expand your service offerings and broaden your customer base. For example, if you currently only service residential facilities, consider expanding to commercial electrical work. You can take further or ongoing training to deepen your electrical expertise.

Marketing yourself

Finally, you need to market your electrical business. Referrals are great, but they're not the only way to get new business. Further marketing tips include:

  • Staying active online
  • Highlighting your strengths and expertise when connecting or talking to potential customers
  • Leveraging local merchant information
  • Investing in email marketing
  • Networking with facility managers and homeowner associations
  • Research what your competitors are doing
A solid marketing plan and budget will help you achieve these marketing ideas.

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