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5 Good Books On Leather Crafts And Weaving

February 20, 2023

Author: Leb
Personal blog: https://lebshare.blogspot.com

There are not many new books about leatherwork published recently. I have found none. My main reference for learning how to work with different things is the internet and youtube.com, but I don't think that's enough, so I've been researching what options there are for books and reading material for leatherworkers. I'm willing to leave out any particular books on tolls because I'm not there yet and feel it's a completely different field that I can only get into after learning about other things first.

Leather Crafts And Weaving Books

1.The Art of Hand Sewing Leather 

The first book recommended is sometimes referred to as the bible of hand-stitching or hand-sewn leather. This book is like many other books on leatherwork written by Al Stohlman. You should hear this name a lot when it comes to working with leather and techniques.
The book is called The art of Hand sewing leather available through Amazon. This book gives you all the information you need on the basics of sewing techniques, and if you buy only one book on working with leather in your life, it should be The art of hand sewing leather. Although this book was first published in 1977, it is still valuable because the tools and techniques have not changed much.

2.Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding

The second leather book focuses on weaving and is considered the holy book of weaving. I highly doubt you can learn and master every single thing in the book so full of information and how to do it, and it has great pictures to explain the process of leather weaving. The Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Weaving is written by Bruce Grant and contains 528 pages of information. Like the other books, it is old, first printed in 1972, but not much has changed in the area of weaving, and there is much to learn from this book in both lace and weaving.

3.The Art of Making Leather Cases, Vol. 1

The third book I recommend is by Al Stohlman (who else) and is the first in a 3 book series on boxes and trunks, it is called The Art of Making Suitcases and is full of information about boxes and trunks and how to manipulate them in different sizes. It is a good reference when you start. You can get The Art of Making Leather Cases on Amazon.

4.The Art of Making Leather Cases, Vol. 2

The fourth and fifth books are also by Al Stohlman. They are volumes 2 and 3 of The Art of Making Holsters and Boxes. If you want to learn all about bag handles, locks and zippers, read The Art of Holster Making Volume 2. But don't forget that without Volume 1, it's only half a book, because the first book has a lot of references. You can get The Art of Holster Making Volume 2 on Amazon

5.The Art of Making Leather Cases, Vol. 3

Volume 3 of The Art of Holster Making covers some wacky stuff, like everything from briefcases and bigger cases to guitar cases and golf bags the size of a mountain (or so you feel) of cell phone cases. So when it comes to making bigger items, it's mostly bigger things and different solutions to problems. Like Volume 2 The Art of Holster Making Volume 3 depends on having both Volume 1 and Volume 2 because it references both.
All three books of The Art of Holster Making are recommended for a place on your shelf of quality leather working books.

6.The Leatherworking Handbook: A Practical Illustrated Sourcebook of Techniques and Projects

The Leatherworking Handbook: A practical illustrated sourcebook of techniques and projects - Valerie Michael
Valerie Michael - a founding member of the Association of Design Leather Workers - has produced the definitive guide to this popular and ancient craft. Aimed at beginners, it provides a comprehensive look at all the materials, tools, and key techniques through easy-to-understand photographs: trimming edges, chipping and hand-stitching, making pockets, attaching studs and straps, and decorating surfaces. Carefully selected projects take into account development skills and range from belts and purses to quilted items and bags. A priceless reference book. Beautifully described and beautifully written book
These are the references I have found so far. I wish I could find more books I dread the day I will delve into tooled leather. I hope this will help you find the right path to leatherworking.

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