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4 Niche Opportunities For Electricians In 2022 | Knoweasy Tool

December 05, 2021

When you train and apprentice as an electrician, you'll not only learn the skills you need in the field, but you'll also have to make many career decisions. If you decide to start your own business, you can enter the General Electric field or focus on a unique option. A niche electrical business can be your primary job or you can earn money as a side hustle.

After completing your electrical training, check out some of the niche options to consider and ways to promote them.


Collectibles Showcase

Collectibles are popular among pop culture enthusiasts and people who love the world of toys. From action figure sets to building block sets, many collectors enjoy displaying their collections and showcasing their favorite items. As an electrician, consider a service that caters directly to collectors.

One of the main elements of a collectible display is lighting. Shelf lighting, overhead lighting, and track lighting all provide unique ways to illuminate action figure sets. As an electrician, you can help plan the lighting in the room and provide a custom lighting plan to fit the different collections.

Many collector displays will try to avoid natural sunlight. Automatic blinds will help block out sunlight and provide a variety of options when the owner is displaying the toys. Once you have several example options available, use the pictures and descriptions to cater directly to other collectors. Reach out through the collector community and find a specific job for the show.

Home Theater Electrical Engineering

With streaming services dominating television and 4K visuals becoming the norm, many homes are looking for the best home theater experience possible. An electrician who specializes in a home theater can emphasize many specific skills that you can expand upon with additional experience.

Electrical work in a home theater will include extensive power and outlet installation to handle other equipment such as TVs and video game consoles. Through your business, you can promote TV wiring, surround sound connections, and professional lighting for home theaters.

Advanced installations may include ceiling fans, bar speakers, projector screens, and floor lighting similar to that of a real movie theater. You can separate the entire element of your business from the main business that appeals to home theater enthusiasts.

Electrical Appearance

Outdoor living spaces have gone far beyond the typical patio. Now, homeowners create second kitchens with outdoor spaces such as decks and patios. Use your electrical skills to improve the outdoor space with a focus on exterior light installation, additional outlet installation, and connection of outdoor appliances.

Homeowners often have a vision for their outdoor areas, and your skills will help make that vision a reality. If your business is in a four-season climate, then your services may include the installation of electric heaters or outdoor ceiling fans.

Holiday Features

Electricity needs are usually in high demand around the holidays. Seasonal work can help you earn extra money and provide a lot of joy for the holidays. One of the basic holiday services you can offer is holiday light installation. Installations include more than just hanging lights. You can test the outlets and make sure the surges are not too large for large displays.

You can perform a circuit breaker upgrade to make sure the electrical load is sufficient for indoor and outdoor decor. Some homes may lack sufficient outside outlets. You can install additional outlets so that homeowners can easily access them for future use.

You can also promote services to help in holiday emergencies. For example, if someone is experiencing electrical problems around Thanksgiving, your company can provide services to ensure that appliances and other equipment run smoothly without any surge problems.

Professional Electrician Tools

Knoweasy tools are professional electrician tools that can meet the various needs of electricians when working and effectively improve the efficiency and safety of their work.


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