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20 Important Electrical Tools Every Electrician Should Know

September 06, 2023

Electricity lights up the world, and since Benjamin Franklin discovered it more than 250 years ago, we've put a lot of effort into harnessing its power and applying it to our lives at home and in the workplace.

Harnessing this energy requires the use of tools, and power tools allow us to build efficient electrical circuits that move this energy from one place to another within a building or structure.

Circuits are usually made up of a combination of wires, fuses, switches, sockets, and wire connectors. These are all connected by a qualified electrician using the tools listed in this article.

As an electrician, whether you are still an apprentice learning the trade or already a professional, having some or most of these tools is crucial.

Not only will these tools make your job easier and faster, but you will look more professional when you arrive at the job site.

In this article, I have listed 20 of the most useful tools for electricians. Some of these you may already own, while others may be new to you. So, take a closer look at the list and see what's missing from your toolbox.


20 Important Electrical Tools


1. Socket or outlet tester


This power outlet tester allows you to test any standard 3-wire and GFCI-protected 120V power outlet to find 7 common wiring errors in any building.

It is simply plug-and-play with 7 neon lights showing different wiring errors or conditions that can be tested.


2. Non-Contact Voltage Tester


This Klein Non-Contact Voltage Tester automatically detects voltage and indicates low and standard voltages in cables, circuit breakers, cords, wires, lighting fixtures and outlets.


3. Demagnetizer/Magnetizer


Magnetize and demagnetize your screwdriver bits or any other tools with a single swipe with this Klein Tools MAG2 magnetizer and demagnetizer.

It's so portable you can take it with you wherever you go.


4. Magnetic wristbands


There are 10 powerful magnets embedded in this wristband to hold nuts, screws, nails, drills, bolts, washers, and any other small metal parts needed for electrical projects.

It is a perfect gadget accessory not only for electricians but also for craftsmen in other trades.


5. Conduit fitting and reaming screwdriver


This conduit fitting and reaming screwdriver can be used to easily ream and smooth 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 1-inch thin-walled conduit.

The screwdriver features a hooded blade design that allows it to stay secure and prevents the tip from slipping out of the screw, especially when you have to tighten hard-to-reach conduit fittings.


6. StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripper


With this industrial-grade wire stripper from StripMeister, you can strip usable portions of wire from 18 gauge to 250 MCM.

ROMEX and braided or stranded wire can also be stripped with it.


7. Automatic Motorized Wire Strippers


Strip all types of wire from 0.06 inches (1.5 mm) to 0.98 inches or 25 mm with this CO-Z Automatic Electric Wire Stripper.

If you have a large amount of scrap wire that needs to be stripped and recycled, this is the ideal stripper for your needs. You can also use it if you use different types of wires on your job site every day and need an easy way to strip them.

It is made of aluminum and is well-constructed for long life.


8. Wire Twisting Tool


Why waste time and get sore and cramped fingers when you can use a wire-twisting tool like this one?

It can twist and strip wire at the same time so you can accomplish both tasks at once. This is an efficient tool that every electrician should have in their toolbox.


9. Cable distributor


When you need a good cable splitter on the job site, there's nothing better. You can mount this Madison cable splitter on the floor or against a wall, and with it you can smoothly split armored cables and even NM-B cable coils, preventing them from getting tangled while you're working on a project.


10. Electrical Maintenance Tool Rack


Electricians use many hand tools and accessories such as screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, wire strippers, levels, and even multimeters.

Carrying all of these tools by hand is not only impossible but also less than ideal. With this Electric Maintenance Tool Rack from Leathercraft, you can easily manage and organize all of your electric hand tools.


11. Auto-Ranging Clamp Digital Multimeter


A multimeter is an essential tool for electricians, whether they are professionals or not. However, Etekcity's Auto-Ranging Clamp Digital Multimeter makes measuring AC/DC voltage and AC as easy as possible.

You may already have your multimeter, but this multimeter from Etekcity is one of a kind and is sure to make your electrical projects easier.

You can also use it to read resistance and diode continuity tests.


12. Crimping Tool Set


Wire crimping is a very common task when working on electrical projects. This crimping tool takes the work out of crimping wires. Once you have used it, you will realize that it is an indispensable power tool.


13. Insulated screwdriver set


Screwdrivers are one of the most common tools in an electrician's tool belt. They are used to turn screws in electrical components, fixtures and fittings such as sockets, lights, junction boxes and distribution boards.

If you're buying screwdrivers for an electrical project, it's recommended that you purchase a screwdriver kit that contains all the sizes you'll need. This way you can tackle any project that requires its use.

Of course, the kit you choose should be insulated and should include different types and sizes of screwdrivers, such as Philips screwdrivers, flathead screwdrivers, plum screwdrivers, and metric screwdrivers.

Being equipped with this kit will enable you to handle different types of tasks including working on integrated circuits, repairing household appliances/electronics, and even other tasks such as assembling and disassembling furniture.


14. Miniature Precision Screwdriver Set


These are not necessarily very useful for working on wiring projects in buildings. However, if you find yourself dealing with electronic components regularly, then you will find the micro precision screwdriver set essential.


15. Multi-purpose pliers


Electricians use different types of pliers for different purposes such as cutting wires, clamping, turning nuts and bolts, stripping and crimping wires.

These multifunction pliers combine the functions of several other types of pliers into one. So instead of carrying 3 or more other pliers at the same time, you only need to carry one. As a result, you can save money on other tools, avoid carrying more tool weight, and create extra space in your toolbox.


16. Electrician's hammer


A hammer may seem like an odd tool to use when wiring a building, but it has many uses when performing these projects.

An electrician's hammer looks very different from a carpenter's hammer. They are usually very straight with a small head, flat top and sharp claws.

They are used for nailing and removing staples, and they have a long, narrow neck that allows them to reach into tight areas such as outlet boxes.


17. Tape Measure


As an electrician, there are always measurements that need to be taken, such as the length of wires, the length of conduit, the length of walls, etc. That's why it's important to have a tape measure - it allows you to take accurate measurements and get the right amount of material for your job.


18. Cable cutter


Cable skinning is very damaging to blades, so protect your personal pocket knife and stop wasting time sharpening the blade. Klein's new folding Cable Skinning Utility Knife has a replaceable hawkbill blade. After a long session of cable skinning, just replace the blade and get back to work.


19. Studbuddy - Magnetic Stud Finder


If you want to rewire your building after installing drywall, or if you want to install new fixtures such as outlets, hang appliances such as TVs or water heaters, it's important to know where the studs are in the wall.

That's why the Studbuddy Magnetic Stud Finder is so important for electricians. The magnetic feature makes it possible to locate studs behind drywall by simply attracting and attaching to nails, screws and other metal parts embedded in the stud.


20. ladders


As an electrician, most projects require the use of a ladder, and since homeowners may not have one, it's important to have your own. A ladder allows you to work comfortably on the ground, such as repairing light fixtures and installing pipes.


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