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15+ Books Electrical Engineers Should Absolutely Read

November 12, 2022

If you're an electrical engineer or just an electrical enthusiast, you'll love this selection of electrical engineering books!

A good book on electrical engineering should be easy to understand, cover a wide range of topics, and include both practical and theoretical applications. We have compiled a list of books for electrical engineering students and those who have already graduated but still want to improve their profession.

If you are completely new to the field or want to expand your current knowledge, you will certainly get a boost from the electrical engineering books on our list.


Must-read books for electrical engineers


1. Power Electronics - Buy Now


Power Electronics is written for undergraduate students of electrical engineering. It's straightforward; it makes complex and difficult topics easy to grasp.


2. The Art of Electronics: Chapter x - Buy Now


Chapter x includes extensive treatment of many topics in electronics that are particularly novel, important, or just exotic and interesting.

Whether you are a student, scholar or professional in this field, you will benefit greatly from this book as it will certainly enhance your knowledge.


3. Fundamentals of Circuits - buy now


Easy to understand and informative, this book is more straightforward than any other traditional textbook you can find on the market.

You can easily follow the material through the step-by-step exercises provided. This makes practising the problems much easier.


4. Practical Electronics Inventor - buy now


Improve your knowledge of electronics and learn the skills needed to create your own working gadgets with this book!

It lists the basic elements and includes step-by-step instructions, schematics and diagrams.


5. Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetism - Buy Now


Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics is planned for use in one or two semester courses in electromagnetism. It also provides a reliable reference for engineers.

This is a great resource if you want to learn on your own.


6. Microwave Engineering - Buy Now


This book includes a detailed overview of the definition of RF and microwave engineering, starting with the basic concepts of electrical engineering and the practical applications of microwave design.

It is a must for microwave engineering students and professionals.


7. Electrical Engineering 101 - BUY NOW


This book starts with the question "What is electricity?" This book starts with the question "What is electricity?" and covers all the issues.

In addition, this book gives you instructions on how to do your own electronic design projects.


8. Solid State Electronics - BUY NOW


This book is used by anyone in the world who wants to improve themselves in this field. It covers semiconductors, materials, physics, equipment and technology.

The book is well organised and the difficult concepts are explained in a straightforward manner.


9. Modern Control Systems - Buy Now


This book addresses many real world challenges while focusing on developing design approaches such as green technology.

Key examples of green engineering are explored in detail, from wind turbines modelled as photovoltaic generators.


10. Discrete Time Signal Processing - Buy now


It is suitable for those who have an in-depth understanding of signals and processes.

This book provides a comprehensive study of basic theorems, properties of discrete linear time systems, filtering, and sampling.


11. Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design - Buy now


This book introduces the basic principles of antenna theory and explains how they can be applied to the analysis, design, and measurement of antennas. This is a cool book.

The text includes enough mathematical detail to allow undergraduate and beginning graduate students in electrical engineering and physics to follow the flow of analysis and design.

To make the most of this book, you should have a basic knowledge of undergraduate electromagnetic theory, introductory physics, differentiation and integration.


12. Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers - Buy Now


For those who are looking for a reliable reference book, this is it. It covers practical details on all aspects of electrical engineering.

It features up-to-date sections on everything from interconnected grids to solar and photovoltaic power generation. This chapter introduces these concepts in easy to understand language.


13. American Electrician's Handbook - Buy Now


The American Electrician's Handbook introduces emerging energy-efficient systems such as photovoltaics and induction lighting. You will find detailed diagrams, charts, tables, photographs and calculations throughout the book.

It covers topics such as general electrical equipment and batteries, circuits, and circuit calculations.


14. Fundamentals of Electric Machines - buy now


Fundamentals of Electric Machinery is a best-selling machinery book that will remain so for some time because of its student-friendly coverage of essential topics in the field.

Fundamentals of Electric Machines contains an extensive source of illustrations to help explain concepts.


15. Practical Electrical Engineering - Buy Now


The latest edition of this popular book provides a broad, in-depth analysis of the basic principles of electrical engineering and computing.

This book is also suitable for other disciplines such as mechanical, robotics or industrial engineering.


16. Basic Electrical Engineering - Buy Now


If you are preparing for a tough exam or looking for a good reference, this is the ideal book for you, with its simple language and explanations of basic concepts.

Circuits, network theorems and techniques, and more are explained in detail in each unit. This book will teach you everything you need to know as an electrical engineer.

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