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10 Top Magazines That Electrical Contractors and Electricians Must Read

November 02, 2023

Electrical professionals who stay up to date on the latest industry news and code updates can improve the safety and quality of their jobs. Magazines and publications for electrical contracting professionals inform electricians about industry trends, the latest news, and important changes in codes and standards. Keeping up with the times ensures electricians and electrical contractors

  • Keep yourself and your customers safe
  • Providing high-quality design, installation and repair
  • Find innovative ways to grow your business

We've compiled the top ten magazines and publications to help electricians and electrical contractors stay informed about electrical industry news and developments.



What are the benefits of reading electrician magazines?


A subscription to Electrician Magazine keeps electricians and business owners up to date on advancements and changes in the electrical industry. Electrician magazines typically cover a variety of topics including:

  • Electrical Codes and Standards Updates
  • Operating Instructions and Safety Tips
  • Product and Tool Highlights
  • Trade shows and training seminars
  • business management strategy

Another advantage? Staying relevant increases your professional credibility with your clients and gives your business a competitive advantage.


10 Top Electrical Contractor Magazines and Publications


As a busy electrician or electrical business owner, you may not have time to go online and search for the best electrical publications. To help you, we've compiled a list of the top electrical contractor magazines and publications. Formats vary from print publications to electronic versions, and many also offer additional resources such as webinars, podcasts and social media pages to keep in touch.


1. Electrical Contractor Magazine (ECM)


Electrical Contractor Magazine is a monthly print and electronic magazine published by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) serving professionals in the electrical construction field.

The magazine covers news from the electrical construction industry for electrical contractors, engineers, estimators, purchasing agents, project managers, supervisors, tradesmen and apprentices. Topics include regulations, safety products, technical information and issues facing electrical companies.

To qualify for a free annual subscription, potential subscribers must complete an eligibility screening to determine if they own or work for an electrical or low-voltage contracting company in the United States.

Back issues of the e-magazine can be viewed on the website without a subscription. Online resources include product libraries, market research, videos and newsletters. Electrical Contractor magazine also publishes The Line Contractor, a quarterly magazine for exterior construction and maintenance, and Safety Leader, a quarterly magazine for electrical professionals.


2. Electrical wholesale


Electrical Wholesaling serves electrical distributors, manufacturers and independent representatives, educating them on the latest analysis, trends, market opportunities and sales techniques in the electrical market.

Topics include news and market trends, infrastructure legislation, current business challenges and sales opportunities. You must subscribe to read current or archived issues. The website also offers podcasts, webinars and a digital newsletter.


3. Equipment engineering


Plant Engineering publishes print and digital magazines for plant engineers, plant managers, maintenance supervisors and manufacturing leaders.

Plant Engineering provides plant and equipment engineers with information on the latest products, trends, strategies, and automation in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automation engineering, and maintenance and management.

Topics include arc flash and electrical safety, digital transformation, energy efficiency and management, mechanical and electrical, factory automation, predictive and preventive maintenance, safety and personal protective equipment, supply chain, and workforce development. Subscription is free. In addition, Plant Engineering offers 17 newsletters on different topics. The website also offers training webcasts, videos, e-books and case studies.


4. Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M)


Electrical Construction & Maintenance provides electrical professionals with information on the latest electrical system products, solutions and technologies for commercial, industrial and institutional building applications.

The monthly publication provides information on electrical industry code changes, business trends and tips, technical information, product reviews, and market and construction forecasts. You must subscribe to read current or archived issues. Additional resources include digital newsletters, webinars, videos, podcasts and e-books.


5. tED Magazine


tED Magazine publishes a twice-monthly digital magazine for the electrical distribution industry.

The magazine publishes news for electrical distributors and suppliers, including new products, market trend data, economic outlook, green initiatives and alternative markets, and best practices for electrical distributors.

tED Magazine also publishes lightED, an email newsletter and a podcast for distributors and lighting manufacturers.


6. Electrical News


Electrical News publishes a monthly print magazine about the national electrical industry. Its website also covers regional, national and global news.

Electrical News covers industry news and changes affecting the electrical industry, as well as news about companies, products, people, industry gatherings and events. The magazine provides information for electrical building contractors, plant and maintenance engineers, lighting designers, manufacturers, representatives, distributors and related service organizations in the electrical industry.

Annual subscription costs $36. You can also sign up for a free PDF version or email newsletter. Archived journals can be viewed on the website without a subscription. Other website resources include blogs, event calendars, and directories.


7. IAEI Magazine


IAEI Magazine, published by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), is a quarterly print and online magazine for electrical installation and inspection professionals.

The magazine covers topics related to electrical basics, electrical inspection, industry standards, electrical safety, evolving technology and industry news. Online resources include lists of national electrical codes and continuing education requirements adopted by each state, as well as IAEI training resources.

IAEI members receive the magazine free of charge as part of their annual membership dues. Annual subscription for non-members is $65 and includes four print issues and mobile access. The annual educational subscription fee for qualified educational institutions is $45. Articles from archived journals can be read online without a subscription.


8. ServiceTitan Blog


ServiceTitan is all-in-one software for home and commercial contractors, giving professionals across all industries the information they need to succeed.

ServiceTitan electrical software helps electrical contractors automate and streamline operations, making their business more efficient and profitable.

ServiceTitan's blog features trends in the electrical industry, effective ways to recruit and retain electricians, and proven ways to grow your electrical business. It also includes helpful information such as the best electrician tools, electrician blogs, and electrician podcasts.

In addition, ServiceTitan offers many free resources for professionals across a variety of industries, including webinars, a toolbox of industry podcasts, online business tools and a comprehensive contractor manual.


9. Electrical products and solutions


Electrical Products & Solutions provides electrical contractors with the latest product and business information.

The magazine reports on industry news, features, case studies, products and tools of interest to electrical industry professionals. Topics include news about companies and people in the industry, new product alerts, and popular electrical products and solutions.

Subscription is free for two years. Articles from archived journals are also available online. The magazine also offers an email newsletter.


10. Electrical business


Electrical Business serves Canada's electrical contracting, maintenance and engineering professionals with six print issues, weekly newsletters and online resources.

The magazine reports on industry news, products, equipment and solutions. It also covers topics such as skilled trades, workplace safety, lighting, alternative energy, electric vehicles, test and measurement, regulatory information and industry events.

Readers without a subscription can view three articles per month on the site. Digitally archived journals can be viewed online without a subscription. Other online resources include videos, webinars, podcasts, recall and warning information and a job board.


Stay up to date with the latest industry news


Electrical professionals need to stay informed about industry code updates, trends and the latest safety information to provide the best service to their customers. Regularly reading Electrical Contractor magazine will keep you up to date on key topics to improve and grow your business.


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