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10 important power tools that every electrician should know

October 25, 2022

When it comes to tools for electricians, it's fair to say that every electrician will have specific tools they can't live without, and depending on the type of work they do, these tools can range from bling to bling.

Electrical work cannot be done without the right tools and there are certain basic tools that every electrician needs to do their job safely and effectively.

We have therefore compiled a short list of what we consider to be the 'must-haves' that every electrician should have in their toolbox.


10 essential power tools


1. Approved voltage indicator (AVI)

This device is an absolute must, as it determines the presence/absence of electricity. It is used to detect the AC voltage at sockets, switches, outlets, and circuit breakers. Used to check that the power is off before starting an electrical project. This is a life-saving tool that no electrician can do without.


2. Insulated screwdriver

Toolbox staples. You will need a variety of different types of screwdrivers to handle the different sizes of screws you will encounter every day, which range from wood screws to mechanical screws. For safety reasons, make sure your screwdriver is insulated to 1000V to protect you from electric shocks and arcing discharges.


3. Side knives/pliers

Most Sparkies will have a range of these in their toolbox, but the most commonly used for everyday use are

Traditional pliers - for cutting/stripping wire and easy removal of nails

Long Nose Pliers - slim grip end for easy gripping or grasping while fishing for cable

Side cutters - ideal for situations where wire needs to be cut to a specific length.


4. Wire stripping pliers

Wire strippers are an essential tool to ensure that only the required pressure is used to prevent damage to the copper cable when stripping the insulation from the cable. Some products can also be used to strip the sheath and insulation of twisted pairs and earth wires. The special models shown also can perform crimping.


5. Multifunctional testers

An electrician's absolute best friend - the Multi-Function Tester or MFT is a requirement for any electrician to ensure that any installation is installed correctly and that all test readings meet the requirements specified in the IET regulations.


6. Battery drill

For drilling holes in wood, walls or other hard surfaces and fixing screws and fasteners to the surface. The type of drill used will vary depending on the job in hand, for example, for fastening work a lower voltage cordless model may be used; however, for drilling into concrete a hammer drill will provide more impact and will drill more holes more quickly. 


7. Electric wall chaser

A tool for cutting narrow slots and channels in walls to install cables and/or conduits. The outstanding time-saving mechanism allows you to cut cleanly and accurately. The electric motor provides power for an electric disc similar to that in an angle grinder. Those with a vacuum cleaner connection are ideal for dust-free work.


8. Multi-tools

The cordless oscillating multi-tool is a handy tool to have in your toolbox. Its versatility is ideal for precisely cutting a wide range of materials such as flooring, tiles, plasterboard, wood and PVC. 


9. Fish Tape / RIDS

This handy tool, also known as a "cable puller" or "electrician's snake", is perfect for many applications, including pulling cables through conduit or fishing cables through ceilings or under walls.


10. Head torches/electromagnetic torches

These are a must have as you will be working in the dark in many situations when the power is off. These types of torches are also good as they free up your hands.


Other items are required:

  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Grade


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