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Write to the novice home distribution box configuration guid

August 18, 2021

home distribution box

Purely dry experience sharing, not to promote and deny any brand, only for the approaching renovation but know nothing about the home electrical box configuration of the white users to solve the problem.


What is a distribution box?

The distribution box is the decoration company said strong electricity. The multimedia information box is the renovation company said the weak electricity. Here I only explain the strong part of the electricity.

What is the strong power, is the 220V to the home of that electricity, hand touch will be electrocuted by that.

Why does 220V electricity received at home need a distribution box? This requires clarification of the role played by the distribution box in the home.

1. Power distribution.

Distribution boxes are used for power distribution, which is a vernacular said equal to white. But power distribution is indeed one of the most important amounts of the role of the distribution box. Although it is true that all the different uses of electricity at home are connected in one piece, I am afraid that no one will now adopt such a practice.

As long as any road out of the problem, the entire home electricity together with the reimbursement. The distribution box can be separated from the different power circuits, thus forming a certain degree of isolation for the family's electrical wiring, thus protecting each electrical appliances

2. Overload and short circuit protection.

The most important component of the distribution box, in fact, is what we have commonly known as "air switch", the standard name is called "circuit breaker". Whether it is called an air switch or a circuit breaker, the biggest role is responsible for in some cases, automatically disconnect the circuit. The situation described here is mainly two kinds, one is too high load with electricity, resulting in circuit heating, there are hidden dangers; the other is a short circuit.

220V strong power short circuit is a very scary thing, in addition to electricians, I believe that few people will personally try the taste of 220V short circuit. Let's put it this way, the burst of sparks and the sound made, no less than a small firecracker! In this case, the circuit breaker short-circuits protection is particularly important.

3. Leakage protection.

Leakage protection requires circuit breakers with leakage protection to achieve, not that you just need to buy an air switch, you can achieve leakage protection. Specific leakage protection circuit breaker selection in the latter part of the details. Here is a little about what is called leakage.

Leakage, in kindergarten terms, is the 220V electricity, not from the fire line through the appliance back to the neutral wire. This electricity ran away through another circuit, which is the leakage. Think about it, under what circumstances electricity will run off through what other circuits? Yes, an electric water heater! If an electric water heater has a leakage fault, 220V electricity is transmitted to us through the water sprinkled by the shower and then flows to the ground, what is the consequence?

So, the leakage protector is to protect such a situation occurs, so as to try to protect our lives.

The main components of the distribution box.

The home distribution box is actually still a very simple structure, a metal box, a row of circuit breakers, basically, you can achieve the full function of the home distribution box. However, in some cases, there will still be some special needs, so here also together with.

1. Circuit breakers.

The circuit breaker has been said before, is mainly responsible for the circuit on and off as well as for overload and short-circuit protection, by the limits of the distribution box's box volume, the circuit breaker has 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P, 1P + N and many other specifications, this will be described separately later.

home distribution box

2. Earth leakage protector

Most of the mainstream leakage protector structure is circuit breaker + leakage protector, divided into two parts, but also can work separately. There are not many types of integrated leakage protectors.

It should be particularly noted that the leakage protector is divided into two types of electronic and electromagnetic, we can generally come into contact with the electronic leakage protector, while the electromagnetic type is less often seen. There is a big difference between the two, the electronic type must be in the circuit energized and the correct direction of the wiring of the fire and neutral wire will be for leakage protection action. The electromagnetic type leakage protector can still protect even if the circuit is not energized or the fire and zero wires are reversed. So the electromagnetic type leakage protector is safer.

home distribution box

3. Surge protector/overvoltage protector

This is used to protect the unstable power grid resulting in too high or too low voltage string into the home grid, thus damaging the home appliances a protection device. Once the grid voltage is too high or too low, the device will automatically disconnect the electricity, thus playing a protective role.

4. rail electricity meter

An object the size of an air switch, but with a screen that shows the electricity consumption.

home distribution box

5. Fuse protector

This thing to understand a little on the good, home distribution boxes basically does not use this, just by the way science. Think about it, since the air switch already has overload and short-circuit protection, when will the fuse protector be used? The answer is over-over-over-over-overload! When the instantaneous current of the circuit reaches a very, very high degree, the contacts of the circuit breaker melted, thus being welded to a piece like welding, at which point the circuit breaker failed to disconnect. The fuse protector works on the contrary, once the high current and short circuit, the fuse protector fuse wire will only do melting disconnect an action that will never happen because of excessive overload and lead to contacts welded together. So the fuse protector is the ultimate safety guarantee.

1P, 2P, 4P, 1P+N

I'm afraid this is one of the most troubling parameters for home users to buy air switches. p can be understood as "module", 1P is a module unit.

Translated into more understandable numbers, 1P is a width of 18mm. So 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P is well understood. 4P air switch to take up 72mm of the width, a large block.

In fact, there is a special specification, that is, 1.5P, which appears in some of Astronergy's leakage protector models and occupies a width of 27mm. Because the specification of 1.5P is not a whole number, so it is not very recommended to use (will affect the choice of busbar, this later statement).

1P + N this should be additionally explained, 1P + N specifications or 18mm width, and 1P is the same. The difference is that the 1P has only one access and one output connector. The 1P+N has two input and output connectors. Because you can connect the zero wire and firewire at the same time, so this type of specification is now more commonly used.

home distribution box

Distribution tap and switch specifications selection

1. Socket distribution.

If the number of room sockets is not large, all the sockets in the room with one way. If there are small children, it is recommended to choose with leakage protection function. If it is just an ordinary family, you can choose 1P+N or 1P. Choose C25-C32 for switch specification

If there are more rooms, the number of sockets is also more, according to the room, and then divided into a number of socket distribution.

2. Kitchen power distribution.

The kitchen needs to be configured at least two ways, all the way to the refrigerator alone, there is no need to choose with leakage protection, 1P + N or 1P, specifications C10 can be. The other way to the kitchen appliances, if the kitchen has ovens, electric kettles, and other appliances, it should be configured with a larger current specification of the switch, it is recommended to choose 1P + N or 1P, specifications C32.

3. Bathroom power distribution.

The bathroom must choose the leakage protection switch, if there are high-power appliances such as bath bombs, it is recommended to choose C20 specifications, if you do not need to install bath bombs, then C16 specifications can be.

4. Air conditioning distribution.

Air conditioning distribution according to a few air conditioners, the principle of configuring several air switches. If it is a 1.5 horsepower air conditioner, the specifications can choose C16, if it is a 2 horsepower air conditioner, the specifications choose C20. and so on. If it is a central air conditioner, it may be necessary to choose a 4P circuit breaker according to the three-phase power.

5. Weak power distribution.

Weak power distribution is mainly for the control of broadband access devices and routers, APs, ACs, etc. in the multimedia information box. The electrical load of such equipment is very small, so you only need to configure the C6-C10 specifications of the circuit breaker.

6. Lighting distribution.

Lighting distribution is mainly indoor lighting fixtures in various places, including overhead lights, wall lights, ambient lights, etc. It should be noted that the indoor lighting distribution should not be combined with the kitchen and bathroom lighting distribution in one way. This is generally known by renovation companies. Lighting distribution chooses C10-C16 specifications can be.

7. Balcony washing distribution.

Some families will place washing machines as well as sinks on the balcony. Because the washing machine is also water appliances, plus the sink later may use an electric faucet. So this way power distribution also needs to be on par with the bathroom power distribution. Need to choose C16-C20 switch with leakage protection function.

8. Standby power distribution.

There are inevitably ill-considered situations in the renovation, so if there is space in the distribution box, it is recommended to add one or two-way standby distribution, and the specifications can be chosen from the C25 role of the switch.

9. Total entry switch

The total incoming switch is the incoming switch that controls the power supply of the whole house, and it is absolutely not possible to choose the type of 1P+N, or at least the split structure of 2P+leakage protector, which occupies at least 4P of the distribution box position. Current specifications should reach C63 or more.

home distribution box

Selection of busbar

If you want to get a neat distribution box, then it is recommended to choose the module solution of the busbar. However, once you choose to use a busbar, there are many restrictions on the selection of air switches, requiring all switches to have the same wiring physical specifications. For example, all are 1P + N, all are 1P, and so on.

home distribution box

The two ends of the yellow thing is the busbar


Here are basically the elements of the home distribution box options that are written once. How to configure the specific, or to see their own needs.


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