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Wire Stripper Tool-Stripping wires 20 times faster

June 23, 2021

Wire stripper  is one of the commonly used tools for internal wire electrician, motor repair and instrument electrician. It is used for stripping the surface insulation layer of the wire head. Strippers can keep the insulated cover of the cut wire apart from the wire and prevent electric shock.

 KN1006 Wire stripper

Wire Stripper

Points of use:

1. According to the diameter of the wire, the aperture of the stripper blade should be selected.

2. Select the corresponding strip cutting edge according to the thickness of the cable

3. Place the prepared cable in the middle of the blade of the stripping tool, and select the length of the stripping

4. Hold the handle of the wire stripping tool, clamp the cable, and slowly peel off the outer skin of the cable

5. Loosen the tool handle and take out the cable. At this time, the cable metal is exposed neatly and the rest of the insulating plastic is intact.

D3 automatic wire stripper

 automatic wire stripper

Compared with the ordinary wire stripper, the automatic wire stripper is more labor-saving and can choose the length of the wire stripper, which can help us complete the work faster and more easily

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