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Why is there always a switch trip in the home distribution box?

July 16, 2021

There is always a switch trip in the distribution box. There are only five possible reasons. Let me give you a detailed explanation.

1. Switch damage

Switch what bad things can happen, trip is more common for no apparent reason. Can take trip switch load down the line, change other circuit connected to the load, and see if it is still tripping. If still tripping, it shows that switch is broken.

Switch damage is the best solution, directly buy a switch to change line - take a picture of the old switch, best buy an identical new switch.

2. The overload

Or "overheating". Any circuit breaker with overload protection function, if the current in a circuit is too large, will trigger the overload protection. So after the first trip, should first check the number of load in line, see if there are always too much electricity.

Why is also called "overheating"? Because of circuit breaker detect overload, rely on the heating effect of the "current" (test temperature), or current is larger, the greater the calorific value.

But the current formula is Q fever - 12 rt, in addition to the current increase, increasing the resistance, also get hot. Receive, so if there is wire carefully, etc., can also trigger circuit breaker overload protection. So you also should check the wire connection (especially the switch terminal load side), see if there is a concubine.

Overload is characterized by: do not regularly circuit breaker tripping, and the trip after reset button is not prominent, the screen does not change color (or no reset button or screen)

3 .short circuit

An extreme form of overload, where the zero line and the fire line, or the fire line and the fire line are in direct contact, generating a very large current.

Short circuit is characterized by: trip immediately after closing, tripping after reset button is not prominent, the screen does not change color (or no reset button or screen)

Can cause a short circuit trip, there must be a clear short contact - visible to the naked eye. Can open each wire connector, check for a short sub.

Especially the user use soft line, the burr must pay attention to the wire.

4. Under voltage

If the breaker installed undervoltage tripping device accessories, it is possible to voltage instability in the circuit, automatic tripping. The purpose of undervoltage tripping device, is to prevent the voltage too high or too low, lead to electrical burn.

When the users have no way to repair, can consider to tear down a undervoltage trip - but since its trip, it shows that lines the voltage is there is a problem, suggestion. If the trouble, you can use the double trip, without artificial closing.

Features: on the trip may have light, after the trip will flashing lights; May also have a reset button, trip after reset button will be highlighted.

5 the leakage

Residual current circuit breaker will be in line with the leakage automatic trip, prevent users from electric shock. But not someone get an electric shock is leakage, break, somewhere, in contact with the conductor (the earth also calculate conductor), will be considered by circuit breaker is leakage.

After tripping should immediately check lines or appliances, find the leakage point - leakage troubleshooting is difficult, a lot of the time the leakage points are not visible to the naked eye, can use the professional tools (shaking table) auxiliary. After finding fault, repair electrical appliances or replace wire, big stuff.

Leakage trip is characterized by: may trip immediately after closing, can also be irregular trip. But after tripping reset button must be outstanding, or display color.



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