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What is the Electrical Internship Card and how do I get it?Knoweasy Electrician Guide

March 16, 2022

If you are interested in becoming an electrician in California, please be aware of one thing. This career doesn't happen overnight!

Your first step is to become an electrical intern, which qualifies you to work on job sites while you earn your professional license. Read further to learn more about how to qualify for an electrical intern card. Then, you can start your on-the-job training today.


What is an Electrical Trainee?

An Electrical Trainee (ET) is someone who attends an approved electrical trade school in California. These students are actively pursuing state electrical certification.

Electrical Trainees are required to participate in a state-approved electrician program. The California Department of Industrial Relations approves electrician schools in the state. These schools are approved to offer the Electrical Cadet ET program.

In addition to their regular electrician courses, some electrician training includes on-the-job experience. California Labor Code Section 108.2 allows electrical trainees to work on the job site of a C-10 electrical contractor.

The only way an electrical trainee can work on a job site is if they are registered with the state. To begin this field experience, they must apply for an electrical training (or ET) card. And, to receive this card, they must attend a school approved by the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Electrical trainees are different from apprentices. The difference between an apprenticeship and an internship is that an apprenticeship program may last three to four years. Electrical interns can enroll in a Department of Industrial Relations school, register for an ET card, and then can work full-time or part-time under the supervision of a licensed electrician.


Electrical Apprenticeship Training

The State of California has created a process to register electricians as electrical interns. The registration process ensures that students are provided with the proper documentation and enrollment.

Students must attend a classroom-based technical training program, such as through a vocational college or technical school. Many vocational and technical schools offer residential or general electrical programs. Programs must meet state licensing requirements.

These educational programs include classroom learning requirements. These technical programs include classroom lectures and lab time, and these programs usually take one to two years to complete.

Career and technical schools usually provide placement assistance upon completion of the training program. Before graduates can take and pass the journeyman exam and accumulate the necessary hours, they will be required to work under a state-licensed electrical contractor. This is where they begin to gain the on-the-job experience required for licensure.


How do you obtain your Electrical Intern Card?

Steps to get your Electrical Intern Card


1. Attend a state-approved electrical school.

The first step to earning your Electrical Training (ET) card is to enroll in a state-approved electrical school. Be sure to look for institutions that offer a "full general electrician" program. Make sure the school offers this program to meet the prerequisites for state-approved electrical trainees.

You will receive notification from the school after you have submitted the ET Training Program enrollment form and met all admission requirements. This notification is your confirmation that you have been accepted into their ET program.

Retain this confirmation as proof that you are enrolled. You will need to submit a copy of this confirmation or a copy of your enrollment agreement when you apply for your ET card. \


2. Register for an ET Card.

After you have registered with an approved institution, you can register for an ET card. Begin by completing the "New Registration Application for Electrical Interns" form.


3. Send a check for $25 to the California Department of Industrial Relations.

You will also need to send a check for $25 to the California Department of Industrial Relations. Students should also include a copy of their enrollment confirmation from the electrical school.


4. Mailing Items

Once all three items are prepared, mail them to the following address.

Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)

DLSE - Electrical Certification Unit

P.O. Box 511286

Los Angeles, CA 90051-7841


How to become a Certified Electrical Intern

Once the state receives your application and confirmation of school enrollment, they will notify you that you are a Registered Electrical Intern. This notification will also provide you with a "T" identification number. This number verifies that you are a registered intern and are enrolled in an approved electrical internship program.

When you receive your ET card, you are now eligible to work as an electrical trainee on construction sites. Certified electricians supervise electrical trainees. Electrical trainees can work with certified electricians on C-10 electrical jobs for over $500.

Electrical trainees must renew their ET cards annually. Students who do not renew their annual registration or drop courses will be removed from the state-approved trainee list.

Students should continue this renewal process until they have completed their required courses. If they have an outstanding experience to complete, they should also renew their status. Once students have completed these steps, they can pass their final exam.


Next Steps

If this sounds like an exciting career field for you, then get started today and become an electrician.

To find an approved "electrician school near me", visit the Department of Industrial Relations website. They have a list of approved schools. Make sure you find a school that offers a complete general electrician program.

Once you have registered, you can apply for an electrical trainee card. Put together your materials along with your registration confirmation. Mail these items to the address listed above.


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