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What causes the plugs to be burned out frequently? Is the current too high? How can I fix it?

August 23, 2021

What are the causes of plug burnout?

1, the socket after a long time of plugging and unplugging. The elasticity becomes weak and the contact pressure becomes small, resulting in overheating during operation.

2, often with a large load to pull the plug, resulting in the contact surface is arc burned. Contact resistance is large, also easy to overheat.

3, the plug or socket and the connection of the wire is not connected or the contact area is too small. Resulting in overheating during operation.

4, long-term overload use. In short, the plug is burned out, mainly due to the above three reasons.

Burnt out plugs

How to solve?

1, choose the regular manufacturer factory, good quality plugs and sockets.

2, if possible, try not to plug and unplug with the load. For example, the water heater, you can first turn off the water heater and then unplug.

3, the wiring of the socket and plug should be reliable and solid. The contact surface should be large enough.

4, if the socket has been used for a long time. Contact piece has deformed, you can artificially adjust it to keep enough pressure, overheating phenomenon can also be eliminated.

5, the connected meet can not exceed the rated load of the plug and socket. I think as long as these, plugs and sockets will be able to avoid overheating.

Burnt out plugs

I have dealt with this kind of failure, a friend's home just shortly after the renovation, floor air-conditioning socket burned into this! After replacing the large socket I asked: Is it true that every time you pull the plug directly to turn off the unit? Answer yes. This is the wrong operation!

The reason is simple, cut off the power supply, the greater the load generated arc, only the original equipment equipped with a switch is matched, when the equipment is turned off, only the voltage without current, this time to safely unplug!

The general socket with the switch is more likely to ignite the heat burned, can only be used for smaller power appliances (such as TV, fans, etc. available this switch), to high-powered such as electric heaters directly unplugged, of course, easy to damage, but this itself is a perishable thing, bad to replace a also easy, if the thousands of dollars of electrical switches bad you repair may be more expensive than this.

Why does this phenomenon occur?

1 socket quality problems, it is recommended to buy brand outlets.
2 socket rated current and the power of electrical appliances do not match.
3 appliance plugs for poor quality products, surface oxidation, poor contact in the jack.
4 concentration of electricity caused by the socket ultra-negative He.
5 with negative plug electric fox.
6 bad power cord wire diameter is too small, the back can not afford to heat.



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