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The Best Electrician's Tool Belt For Organizing Your Equipment: Easy Access And Organization

October 08, 2022

Many professionals wear tool belts, including carpenters, repairmen and framers. Electricians go a step further with belts and shoulder straps, which often have 10 or more pockets for optimizing the customization and organisation of specialist tools often used in the electrical industry. This high number of pockets is because electricians spend a lot of time on ladders throughout the day. Repeatedly climbing up and down to change out tools can be exhausting and potentially dangerous, as the risk of injury from falls increases with fatigue.

When looking for the best electrician's tool belt, remember that comfort is key. Make sure it is fitted correctly; you don't want to hold your breath to close the belt or pull it up every two minutes to prevent it from falling off. Safety belts are a great way to compensate for a less-than-fitting belt, but not all electrician's tool belts have them. You may want to get a belt with a sling, which is similar to a back belt but relies only on shoulder support rather than the entire torso.

Consider the material of the tool belt before you buy. Leather and nylon offer considerable durability, but polyester offers a price advantage. You should also pay attention to the type of storage and the amount of storage available for the belt. For example, a bulky hammer holder may not be necessary, but a screwdriver pocket is something that no electrician's tool belt can do without. With some tool belts, you can even customise the pockets by adding any number of pouches.


Types of electrician's tool belt


Electrician's tool belts can be divided into two categories depending on how you wear them. Standard electrician's tool belts are designed to fit securely around your waist, while electrician's tool belts with a harness or sling use your upper body to better distribute the weight of your tools.


Standard belts

A standard electrician's tool belt is attached to your waist, usually with a series of small pockets, perfect for carrying screwdrivers, pliers and any other tools you may need to get the job done. A standard electrician's tool belt is more affordable and offers plenty of storage space. However, if you intend to wear the belt for more than a few hours, it is best to purchase a harness or sling attachment to help balance the weight of the tools across your body and reduce physical fatigue and muscle strain.



A harness is almost essential if you will be using the tool around your waist for several hours at a time. This is because having the shoulder support of a set of harnesses or the whole upper body support of a harness will help you distribute the weight of the tool better. In doing so, you will alleviate any pain or soreness that may arise from repeated muscle strains. Remember that a harness or sling system will be more expensive and is not required for small tasks or small home repairs.


What to consider when buying an electrician's tool belt


Before choosing an electrician's tool belt, take a few minutes to learn how to find the best belt for the job.


Support and comfort

If you intend to wear your tool belt throughout your working day, you need to find a product that fits well, has the necessary support and feels comfortable when you wear it. To ensure your tool belt fits well, choose a product that is similar in size to the waist of your trousers so you know it won't be too tight or too loose for your waist.

If you don't want to chance it, consider purchasing an adjustable tool belt which allows you to adjust the size to fit your waist. For added comfort, choose a tool belt that includes a built-in padding or additional harness and enough ventilation so you don't get too hot during the day.


Carrying capacity

On average, a tool belt will have between 12 and 25 pockets. These can include wide, deep pockets (for tape measures or fasteners), medium-sized pockets (for torches) and slim pockets (for screwdrivers and pointer pliers). For light work at home, smaller tool belts are fine, but if you are working on more complex projects, it is best to use larger tool belts so that you have everything you need with you.



To ensure that your tool belt is durable enough for everyday use, you should buy a high-quality product made from leather or nylon. While you can also buy polyester tool belts, they are not as durable, making them a better choice for easy work around the house. You should also check the stitching of the tool belt. Single stitches are common, but a double stitch pattern provides extra support for your tools and makes the pocket more resistant to tears at the seams.



Electrician's tool belts can be made from traditional leather materials, nylon or polyester.

  1. Leather electrician's tool belts have a traditional look and a robust design that resists cuts, scrapes and tears. However, the leather must be kept oiled to ensure that it does not dry out and become prone to cracking and tearing. Leather tool belts not only work well, they also look great and have a higher level of durability than polyester or nylon. This is why leather tool belts are usually more expensive than their durable counterparts.
  2. Polyester electrical tool belts are a great choice for working at home. They are perfect for carrying out routine home maintenance or home repairs. Polyester tool belts are usually quite affordable, but this is because they are not as durable as nylon or leather.
  3. Nylon electrical tool belts combine the strength and durability of leather with the cheap price of polyester. Nylon is a somewhat flexible material, so it is less likely to snap or tear if it gets caught in something. Nylon tool belts are an excellent choice for professional electricians as they are lightweight, comfortable and resistant to wear and tear on the job site.


Our top picks


The following top rated products have been selected based on quality, price and customer satisfaction to help you find the best electrician's tool belt to organise your gear.


1.Gatorback B240 Electrician's Combo Heavy Duty Belt

The Gatorback Electrician B240 Combo Heavy Duty Tool Belt will keep workers cool with breathable air channels built into the material for comfortable and sweat-free use. The memory foam back support helps the wearer maintain good posture to reduce back pain later in life.

This nylon electrician's tool belt is riveted and reinforced for longer lasting durability and strength. It comes with an 18-pocket right pocket and a nine-pocket left pocket to help carry a variety of tools and materials. gatorback has sewn plastic into the material to reinforce the open shape of the pockets, making tools easily accessible while preventing them from puncturing the bottom of the pockets. The belt even comes with a double metal buckle to ensure it doesn't come loose when worn.


2.Klein Tools 55429 Tradesman Pro Electrician's Belt

The Klein Tools 55249 padded electrician's belt features a mesh interior for breathable comfort over long periods. When the job requires only a few basic tools, the pouch detaches from the belt for quick and easy load relief.

The combination of ballistic woven material and leather makes this Klein Tools belt strong and durable enough to last for years. The built-in handles make the belt easy to carry when not in use. The two pouches have wide pockets for easy access and a dedicated area for screwdrivers, drills, tape measures and even small bits.


3.Western Leather 5590 XXXL Commercial Set

Designed with functionality in mind, the Occidental Leather 5590 XXXL Commercial Electrician's Set features a dedicated hand tool holder to avoid having to reach for tools. This is a bonus for anyone who is left-handed, as the pouch can be switched for left-handed optimisation.

This electrician's tool belt is expensive, but the leather construction of the belt will ensure long-lasting durability that may see tools wear out before the tool belt. Occidental Leather's patented NoSpill holder uses the flexibility of the leather to form a snug fit with the tools in the belt, holding them in place when not in use. There are 37 pockets and tool holders between the two pouches. As if that wasn't enough, this belt is available in sizes ranging from small to triple to help buyers find the perfect fit.


4.ToughBuilt - Craftsman Tool Belt Set - 3 pieces

This ToughBuilt Tradesman electrician's tool belt is sold at an affordable price, but comes with an impressive three pocket 27 pocket organiser, allowing the DIYer or electrician to focus on the job rather than running around for tools. The belt includes two tape measure clips, a hammer loop and a tool holster sized to hold pliers, a utility knife or even a work phone.

The padded polyester electrician's tool belt fits comfortably around the waist from 32" to 48" and comes with an integrated stand to allow the belt to stand on the floor or a nearby table. The heavy-duty 6-ply construction uses hidden seams and riveted supports to add durability to the belt, but if the pouches wear out or the user wants to customize the carrier, they can simply remove the pouches using ToughBuilt's patented Clip Tech wire catchers. These hubs are built into the belt and can be used with all ToughBuilt Clip Tech products for flexibility in pouch orientation.


5.CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's Belt

The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician 28 Pocket Combination Tool Belt is ideal for electric DIY enthusiasts looking for a quality product at an affordable price with plenty of pockets to provide plenty of space for organising tools. The combination of a polyester strap and padded harness helps to distribute the weight of the tools evenly to prevent back strain when working on electrical projects.

This electrician's tool belt comes with handles for easy carrying and some of the pockets have a zipped top flap to prevent tools from spilling out when not in use. The belt includes specific spaces for a tape measure, cordless drill and hammer. For added security and durability, this belt features a ballistic combination of polyester fabric and a double tongue steel roller buckle.



6.Klein Tools 5225 Adjustable Electrician's Belt

With the Klein Tools Adjustable Electrician's Belt, DIY enthusiasts and professionals can customise their tool belts exactly the way they want. This belt-only option allows buyers to choose the pouches, pockets and other holders that best suit their needs, rather than dealing with generic configurations that may be less efficient, too heavy or useless.

Made from 2" wide polypropylene webbing, this electrician's belt features a durable, corrosion-resistant metal buckle for quick release and simple sizing. The belt accepts most tunnel loops and slotted tool pockets and holders and fits waist circumferences up to 48 inches. However, those who prefer pre-selected pouches to versatility may not find this the best electrician's tool belt for their needs.



7.DEWALT DG5641 Framer Combination apron with suspenders

For those concerned about back pain, strains and injuries, the DEWALT DG5641 Framer's Combination Apron with Sling features a 5" wide padded waist belt and fully adjustable padded sling. This combination helps to distribute the weight of the tool to prevent the back from taking on all the heavy work. The belt is fitted with a metal double tongue roller buckle which is easily adjustable and ensures a secure fit around the waist.

This ergonomic pick still carries plenty of tools and materials in its 20 pockets and sleeves designed for screwdrivers, tape measures, hammers, nails, screws and many more tools and parts. The large pockets of this polyester tool belt feature corner brace stitching, which means that the pockets have triangular or diamond shaped material built into them to protect the seams, helping the tool belt to last longer and to be repaired before it needs to be replaced or take more tool abuse.


8.TradeGear Part#SZB Electrician's Belt and Bag Set

If a medium or large tool belt feels a little tight, the TradeGear Part#SZB XL-3XL Electrician's Tool Belt may be a better fit. The belt comes with four sling attachment loops and two pouches divided into 27 pockets for carrying screwdrivers, pliers, spanners, hammers, cordless drills and most other hand tools you may need for your job.

The heavy-duty nylon electrician's tool belt is reinforced with metal rivets and stitched with socket knots for added strength at the seams to ensure long-lasting durability. It also features an ergonomic design with high density air mesh foam padding to help support the weight of the tool and reduce back strain. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry when the day's work is done and the belt comes off.


Advantages of having an electrician's tool belt

Having a tool belt is a quick and easy way to organise your tools. The pockets on the electrician's tool belt are designed for screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers and fasteners, so you know exactly where each tool is needed for your project.

Another benefit of having an electrician's tool belt is security. With your tools neatly placed in the tool belt, they're no longer on the ground where you might slip and fall. In addition, having them readily available at your waist means you don't have to keep climbing up and down potentially dangerous ladders to run to your toolbox, saving time and reducing the risk of falls.

  • You can organise your tools so that you can quickly grab whatever you need from the belt around your waist.
  • Keep your tools at your waist to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.
  • Using an electrician's tool belt saves time and energy so you don't have to return to your toolbox repeatedly.

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