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Electrical maintenance technique-Create Something From Nothing

July 12, 2021

From the familiar 36 meter spread all over the world. Since then, the birth of the absence of the military academies as will not only learn the classic, more occasions such as is popular in the business world. In fact in our electrician practitioners maintenance work, also often need to use some of 36 plan strategy can be done. Today you and I share, of its own reference a tactic to get encountered difficulties in maintenance work.

Originally out of 36 meter 20 meter, the intent for everyone expected does not exist, but instead, by means of operation to be created, in order to achieve the purpose of the established. In combination with the practical situation of I of the electrical work, because the maintenance of environment and safety, to realize the high voltage electricity, or to unconditionally meet fault equipment necessary operation conditions precedent cases, we might as well use this strategy will be troubleshooting.

Below is I use the tactic to fix two fault instance:

A, all contact with the European and American factions electrical industrial control equipment, can detect the design of electronic circuits and protection function of these products set concept, with the domestic similar products have great difference, as the difference of TCM and western medicine! Still remember many years ago, I meet a 55 kw american-made soft starter. After the damage electronic circuit ruled out to electricity output voltage test the boot process is normal, nobody thought it was different from most of the domestic product can light starts, but only if the first detected under the premise of load, can be allowed to start running!

Can suffer from the store without using three-phase asynchronous motor is available for detection, just when I have a headache for this, a colleague reminded why don't you use six incandescent bulbs simulation load to try! Related parameters in the soft start reset after I used six incandescent bulbs incredibly successful of the soft starter will "cheat" to load detection circuit, to continue to conduct the follow-up maintenance and repair work.

Second, due to general repair shops are unable to get inside three-phase alternating current (ac), therefore, in the face of some must use three-phase power supply maintenance, debugging, such as soft startMachine, inverter welding machine, inverter and other equipment, can let most colleagues very depressed. Single-phase electric parts peers may adopt AC220V and step-up transformer and rectifier, filter circuit, in the form of direct escape unattended equipment front-end rectifier circuit. But this way of power supply is bound for unattended equipment rectifier circuit or device (see more foreign products) controlled rectifier circuit is powerless, not to mention the soft starter this no rectifier circuit equipment!

In order to effectively solve this difficult problem, I am a different approach on the basis of reference to other relevant experience, using the single-phase 220 v input frequency converter, using the three-phase sine wave output produced 220 v power supply, rise again with the help of a three-phase 220 v 380 v transformer, thus to get can be used for maintenance and debugging of the three-phase 380 v power supply (single-phase 220 v due to lose Into the inverter power is generally around 2 p, therefore method is more suitable for light load or light load conditions, but for the maintenance is more than enough to use. And with the aid of the inverter output voltage adjustable features, can be used for unattended inverter for undervoltage welding inverter and double voltage grade simulated test voltage level conversion, etc).

In addition, adjustable constant current/constant pressure source is used in maintenance work to simulate various temperature, pressure and other sensors. The use of resistors/capacitors in series and parallel replacement of damaged components and other maintenance means can be attributed to the category of a meter out of thin air. Hope this I share two cases, for the majority of peers in the future maintenance work to cast a brick to attract jade effect!

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