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Best Power Tools - Top 10 Essential Electrical Tools

November 03, 2022

Being an electrician is not easy. It's a job where safety, precision and efficiency are important, so it's essential to have the right tools at your disposal - just remember to keep them safe from theft.

Building a great toolkit is a huge investment for any trader. You need high-quality, powerful tools that you can rely on to maintain hard codes. While this may seem like quite a big change and a big commitment, spending a little extra on the right tools will help you become a good electrician. 


Our top 10 best tools for electricians

  1. voltage tester
  2. Spanner
  3. Hacksaw
  4. Electrical tape
  5. Cable cutters
  6. Insulated screwdriver
  7. Wire strippers
  8. Insulating pliers
  9. Safety knives
  10. Circuit finder


1. Voltage tester

A voltage tester ensures that your equipment is working properly and checks that it is safe to work on the circuit. Health and safety regulations require electricians to check for the presence of voltage before using switches, cables, junction boxes or other areas where live currents may be present. This tool will light up when there is a current - indicating that you need to turn it off.  

With 50-1000 volts AC, CAT IV 1000 safety compliance and a two-year warranty, the Klein NCVT-1 non-contact voltage tester is the most reliable and safest choice. Klein is a very popular brand of safe power tools at an affordable price compared to other brands. 


2. Wrenches

Spanners are one of the most useful and versatile tools on this list. Electrical work involving loosening or tightening nuts and bolts is common, but it can also be used as a clamp, handle or even a lever if you are in a pinch. 

If you don't plan to spend money on a tool kit just yet, WORKPRO 4-piece Adjustable Wrench Set is a safe bet. It is versatile, robust and reasonably priced.


3. Hacksaws

A good hacksaw is a must for any electrician - a manual, small-tooth saw with an adjustable frame and handle for cutting metal conduit. 

We like the 12-inch Lenox high-tension hacksaw with its I-beam construction, which can withstand up to 50,000 psi of tension - in other words, it's strong enough for those intense jobs!


4. Electrical tape

Used to insulate wires, electrical tape is a necessity for cable management. It comes in a variety of colors, each with a different purpose. Black is used for insulation, red for low voltage, orange for high voltage, and so on. Although black is the most common color, it is great to have a full rainbow of colors for your kit.

We recommend ensuring that electrical tapes are RoHS compliant, waterproof and heat resistant, self-adhesive and flame retardant. advance Tapes ATV Assorted ticks all these boxes.


5. Cable cutters

Cable cutters don't just cut cables, they can also bend, fix, twist or strip small gauge wires with great precision. 

It is best to use a fully insulated cable cutter - it will keep you safe when using high-voltage wiring. You also need ergonomic handles for easy handling. These Klein Tools 63050 Cable Cutter from Klein are reliable and long-lasting.


6. Insulated screwdrivers

The insulated screwdriver has a specially designed thick, non-conductive plastic handle cover that protects you from any accidentally energized currents. It also helps to protect delicate electrical components that could be damaged in the event of an electrical short circuit. 

The highest quality insulated screwdrivers are manufactured by Wiha. They have a two-layer construction for extra protection and ease of handling. You will need a range of sizes, so we recommend that you buy the set, Wiha Slotted and Phillips Insulated Screwdriver Set (1000 volt, 13 pieces).


7. Wire strippers

Often used in electrical work, wire strippers remove the insulation from wires to connect, replace or repair them. 

Our favorite brand is the IRWIN VISE-GRIP 2078309 wire stripper because it is a four-in-one: stripper, crimper, cutter and pliers. It is safe and versatile, with most wire sizes between 10 and 22 AWG.


8. Insulating pliers

You will find yourself using these a lot. Insulated pliers are suitable for a variety of complex electrical tasks, such as tightening wires. Your pliers need to be insulated to ensure your safety, so it's best to invest in a quality brand that's built to last. 

You will need several sizes for various tasks, so we recommend a set such as the Industrial Multi-Pliers Set.


9. Safety Knife

As an electrician, you will often be cutting wires. And because the surface you're cutting is small and easily moved, there's a high chance of the blade slipping. Safety knives have smaller, more dexterous blades for this task. 

This Klein Lockback knife ticks all the boxes. 


10. Circuit finder

Simply plug the transmitter into any socket and you can detect circuits through the service panel. Most homes don't have an accurate reading, so this tool will save you some trouble - no random guessing or throwing switches to find the right circuit.

Our top choice for a quick and accurate read is the Klein Circuit Breaker Finder, which will always find the circuit breaker you're looking for. 


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