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8 Tools for Tool Nut Most Wanted Gift: Fulfilling Your Imagination

February 02, 2023

Author: Leb
Personal blog: https://lebshare.blogspot.com


If you know someone full of fantasies about thongs and power drills, chances are this particular person already has a well-stocked workshop full of every tool imaginable to overwhelm you. Not sure what to get him as a gift? Read on!


The Most Wanted Gift for the Tool Nut


1. Fiskars X27 Splitting Axe

When a tool blends function with beautiful design - like this sleek, modern cleaver axe from Fiskars - it's a true tool nut must-have. Using advanced blade geometry, this 36-inch-long axe slices through wood without snagging - and turns its wielder into the sexiest lumberjack on the block. Available on Amazon; $54.99.


2. Fein MultiMaster Oscillating Multi-Tool

"What would have taken me so long without one of these?" "It's the Cadillac of these tools." These are just two of the near-perfect Amazon reviews of this superb tool that sands, scrapes, grinds, removes grout and cuts in, as well as seemingly 100 other functions. While there are many oscillating tools on the market, this one is super high quality and is sure to be a hit with the most discerning tool enthusiasts. Available on Amazon; $209.99.


3. Stiletto TiBone Titanium Hammer

Sure, $170 may seem like a lot for a hammer, but this is no ordinary hammer. For starters, it's made of titanium, which makes it super strong but super light, so it reduces fatigue. It also offers 10 times less recoil impact than a steel hammer, which makes nailing a pleasure rather than a pain. Available on Amazon; $169.00.


4. Black & Decker Alligator Skin Scissors

Any tool nerd will enjoy using a power tool that looks like a sci-fi villain weapon. It's designed to make quick work of tree and shrub branches. The pruning shears only work when the two buttons on the handle are pressed - a feature that, along with its unique guard, makes it both safe and fun to use. Available on Amazon; $99.97.


5. Japanese diamond leaf saw

A real tool nut likely already has all the DIY gadgets - except this one! Ryobi saws have been used in Japan for years to cut wood. This modern update has 17 teeth per inch on its crosscut side and 6 teeth per inch on the cleft side. In addition, with a 0.5 mm blade, it can make ultra-fine cuts or notches. Available on Amazon; $26.21.


6. Titan Pry Bar

A pry bar is an often overlooked component of the DIY hobbyist's toolbox. But once you have it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. With near-perfect reviews from Amazon, this sleek stainless steel pry bar set is sure to be the perfect Christmas gift for the tool lover in your life. Available on Amazon; $12.68.


7. CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder

It's likely that any tool nut worthy of the title already has a stud finder - but probably not as effective as this one, which uses super-strong rare-earth magnets to find screws and nails in studs. Once you find them, you can let them hang there while you work. Available on Amazon; $8.99.


8. PORTER-CABLE 20-Volt 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

Most tool enthusiasts are willing to pay a ton of money for what they need, but that's not to say they don't appreciate the great value. That's what this powerful combination drill and driver offers. Not only is it capable of most jobs, it also features a battery gauge, LED lights, a two-speed gearbox and lightweight construction that reduces fatigue. Available on Amazon; $79.99.


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