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5 Best Miter Saws (2023 Guide): Precision Miter Cuts

April 02, 2023

A miter saw is a woodworking tool that allows you to make precise, angled cuts. In this review, the This Old House review team researched five of the best miter saws on Amazon to help you find the right product for you and your home.

A miter saw is a professional woodworking tool that can quickly and precisely cut a variety of items, including crown molding, picture frames, and baseboards. While miter saws are effective at making precise crosscuts, their value over traditional circular saws is their ability to make angled and beveled cuts with ease - a result of their stationery design and up-and-down blade movement.

If you need a miter saw for your DIY project, we're always here to help. We've put this guide together with our recommended models. Continue reading for more information about Amazon's best miter saws.


Top 5 Miter Saws


The following are our top miter saw picks on Amazon:


Best Value: Metabo HPT Compound Miter Saw

Most Versatile: Bosch Sliding Glide Miter Saw

Best Crosscutting Saw: Delta Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Best Lightweight: CRAFTSMAN Sliding Miter Saw Kit

Best Accessory: SKIL Compound Miter Saw


1. Best Value: Metabo HPT Compound Miter Saw $115


This 10-inch compound miter saw from Metabo is a lightweight, easy-to-manage tool that makes fast, precise cuts. It offers a thumb-activated front stop for quick adjustments during use. It also offers tilt miter cuts from 0-52 degrees to the left or right for flexibility.


Key Features

  • 10" blade
  • 15 amp motor
  • 5,000 revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • 24.2 lbs.


2. Most versatile: Bosch Sliding Glide miter saw $649


This Bosch miter saw features an expandable metal stand, 14-inch horizontal cutting capacity and 6.5-inch vertical cutting capacity to cut woodworking pieces of all sizes. Plus, it's easy to adjust and features a large, easy-to-read bevel and stainless steel miter scale.


Key Features

  • 12-inch blade
  • 15-amp motor
  • 88.2 lbs.


3. Best Crosscut Saw: Delta Sliding Compound Miter Saw $499


This sliding compound miter saw from Delta prioritizes precision cutting with its Shadow Guide system. The system uses LED lights to cast shadows on the wood to indicate where to cut. A miter bar located at the front makes miter adjustment easy.


Key Features

  • 10" blade
  • 15 amp motor
  • 4,000 RPM
  • 55 lbs.


4. Lightest Weight: CRAFTSMAN Sliding Miter Saw Kit $249


This sliding miter saw weighs less than 25 pounds, but its 15-amp, 3,800-rpm motor still provides plenty of power. It uses an LED positioning system for precise cuts, and it has nine cast miter stops for angled cuts.


Key Features

  • 7.25-inch blade
  • 15-amp motor
  • 3,800 rpm
  • 21.8 lbs.


5. Best Accessory: SKIL Compound Miter Saw $299.99


This miter saw features a laser guide for precise cuts and a holding fixture to hold the workpiece in place. The tool is initially easy to set up and use with step-by-step instructions and a quick setup system. The left/right extension guide accommodates larger wood pieces.


Key Features

  • 12" blade
  • 15 amp motor
  • 4,500 RPM
  • 42.5 lbs.


Miter Saw Buying Guide


When you consider the miter saws listed above, look at their cut type, blade length, power level and dust collection system to make sure you choose the right model for your woodworking needs. The following buying guide explains these factors for you.


Type of cut

The type of cut refers to how the miter saw cuts a piece of wood. The three most popular types of cuts are crosscut, miter and miter. A crosscut is a basic cut that is parallel to the side of the workpiece. A miter cut is an angled cut, cutting the workpiece at an angle. The most common miter cut is the 45-degree angle, which holds the two corners of the wood together.

Miter cuts are angled cuts that cut into the thickness of the wood rather than the width. When two skirting boards meet at a corner, it is most common for the miter cut to look decorative and seamless.


Blade Length

The size of a miter saw is determined by the size of the blade it holds. The blade size affects the size of the pieces of wood you can cut. If you are working with thicker wood, you may want to purchase a miter saw with a 12-inch blade or larger, as a 10-inch blade may not be long enough to cut it.


Dust removal

Buying a miter saw with dust collection will keep your workspace clean. Almost all miter saws come with a dust bag to collect sawdust, but some models also have a hose port to connect to a vacuum cleaner.



Almost all miter saws are corded, usually with a 10, 12 or 15 amp motor. Powerful 15-amp motors have a place among experienced woodworkers, but most homeowners can use a 10- or 12-amp miter saw for a variety of woodworking projects.

Rechargeable miter saws are starting to appear on the market. However, battery run time can be an issue with them, especially if you need to make multiple cuts. You don't want to have to pause the project to plug the chainsaw into the charger.


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