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2021 Electrician Apprentice Guide! How Much Money Can Electricians Make?

October 12, 2021

Any novice electrician must start their career as an apprentice and work under a licensed electrician. In most cases, an apprenticeship takes about four years and requires 2,000 hours of on-the-job training per year. Once an apprentice meets these requirements, he or she can become a licensed electrician.


Electrician Apprenticeship

What is an apprenticeship as an electrician?

In most skilled trades, you need to be an apprentice before you are fully qualified. When it comes to apprentice electricians, it's no different. Under the watchful eye and guidance of a journeyman or master electrician, you will learn the skills of the trade on the job and get paid for it.

Why do you need to do an electrician apprenticeship program?

By completing an apprenticeship, you show a potential employer that you are dedicated to the job, have the ability to do the job competently, and have mastered the basics of the trade.
In addition, legally, you are required to do so if you want to become a fully qualified electrician.


Duties of an apprentice electrician

First you learn not to complain about anything, your typical duties include passing tools to the journeyman/master and cleaning and tidying up. When you do this, you will be expected to learn as much as you can - absorbing everything you see and hear.
If you show some initiative, you'll build some trust with your instructor. In addition, you'll be in electrician school, so before long you'll be asked to help with more difficult tasks, such as repairing, testing and installing circuits.


How much does an apprentice electrician make?

Salaries for apprentice electricians vary depending on the location and the type of electrical work being performed.
Outside Lineman Apprentice: Outside linemen install, maintain and repair transmission lines. The base hourly rate for licensed journeymen is $50.50 per hour. New apprentices typically earn 60% of the journeyman's rate, so expect to earn about $30 per hour. As apprentices gain skills and experience, they can expect to earn a larger percentage, eventually reaching 90% of the journeyman rate.
Interior Wiring Journeyman: Interior wiring journeymen install power cords, lighting systems, electrical panels or any other equipment needed in a commercial environment. The average hourly wage for an interior wiring journeyman is $43 per hour. New apprentices typically earn 50 percent of the journeyman's wage, so expect $19 per hour. Again, as apprentices gain experience, they will earn a larger percentage.
Residential Wiring Journeyman Apprentices: Residential wiring journeymen install, maintain and repair electrical systems in single-family and multi-family dwellings. The average hourly wage for a residential journeyman is $32 per hour. The new apprentice electrician salary is 50%, so expect $16 per hour.


How do I become a certified electrician?

Your path from apprentice electrician to master electrician is divided into three stages.
1. Apprentice ElectricianYou will spend 4 to 5 years with a mentor to gain hands-on experience, as well as hundreds of hours of classroom experience.
2. Journeyman After completing your apprenticeship and passing the Electrical Journeyman exam, you will earn the title of "Journeyman" and become fully qualified.
3. Master ElectricianAfter two years as a Journeyman and passing the Master Electrician exam, you will become a Master Electrician.
Skilled electricians are always in demand, so starting an apprenticeship will always be a good decision.

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