Network Cable Crimper for 4P/6P/8P,RJ-11/RJ-12/RJ-45-Knoweasy - knoweasy

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Network Cable Crimper for 4P/6P/8P,RJ-11/RJ-12/RJ-45-Knoweasy

Network and Telephone Cables,Modular Telecom Crimping Tool

  • 【Crimping Capacity:】Works for 8P,6P,6C and 4C connectors and has a stripper for Round cat5 and cat6 cables!
  • 【Durable Quality:】It has A Sturdy Design And Is Made Of High Quality, Durable Materials That Will Last A Lifetime.
  • 【Improved Design:】This tool has flat cable cutter and stripper. Stripper can strip and cut for 6mm long conductors or 12mm long conductors. Additionally, the tool has a round cable jacket stripper.
  • 【Application:】Precision Crimping dies was made of high-carbon steel for Any Ethernet or Telephone Cable.
  • 【After Sales Warranty:】Your customer satisfaction and 12 months warranty of Network Cable Crimper can be guaranteed.
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