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Ratchet Cable Cutters

Knoweasy has surpassed the highest standards and created an excellent ratchet cable cutter that provides greater cutting force, clean and precise cuts, and a longer service life.


Wire cutters or Cable cutters are usually hand-held tools that require simple one-handed or two-handed operation, using two steel blades to cut wires or cables, similar to a pair of scissors. Depending on the specifications of the cable to be cut, there are a variety of cutters to choose from, from small pocket wire cutters to larger heavy-duty cable cutters.

Cable Cutter-Cut up to 240mm2 Wire Cutter

  • Hold-open spring speeds cutting action.
  • Well hardened blade ensures sharpness and high-efficiency.
  • Features anti-slip rubber hand guards that offer a secure grip.
  • Lightweight tool can be locked in closed position for pouch carrying.
  • Mechanical design,easily cut copper or aluminum cables and hold cable tight with minimum effort.
  • Cutting Easily With Forging Blade And Long Lifetime.
  • Unique ratchet action holds cable tight and allows rapid- straight cuts with minimum effort.
  • Quick-release lever opens blade at anytime during operation.
  • Large- finger-formed handles have limit guards and plastic covering for comfort.
cable cutter

Ratchet Cable Cutter-Heavy Wire Cutter up to 400mm2-Knoweasy

  • This cutter is a compact single hand operated cutter, that will cut up to 32 mm outside diameter, with a nominal maximum capacity of 400 mm2.
  • Designed for annealed copper and aluminium cables only,NOT for cutting steel,steel wire or hardened overhead style Aluminium of ACSR.
  • The small size allows it to fit in the average tool box,ratchet structure for saving labor.
  • Adjustable mechanism according to wire size for excellent wire stripping.
  • With sharp cutting blades.
  • With safety lock.
ratchet cable cutter

Ratchet Cable Cutter-Heavy Wire Cutter Up to 600 MCM-Knoweasy

  • Blade is made of high-quality alloy steel,which ensures good cuting performance and durability.And the blads can be polished and replaced.
  • Applied to principle of mechanical reinforcement and gear transmission,and retractable handles make it easy to cut and carry.
  • Convenient to trip,and easily retract in cuting.

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